Monday, June 11, 2007


Joe Lieberman

Is Insane

Seems to me someone needs to give Senator Joe Lieberman (R, Israel) a big dose of reality.
Attach Iran? With what Army? and with what budget? Of course by comparison, it would probably make our efforts in Iraq look much, much better. As with most 'strategic' discussions coming out of DC the past few years, I'm laughing between the sobs.

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A Most Excellent Adventure

A Visit with the Folks

My parents came down for a few days last week, arriving on Wednesday and departing just yesterday. Took them to the Nats v. Pirates game on Thursday (is there anything better than a baseball game on a sunny 85 degree day?) and scored some pretty decent seats.
Also hosted a cookout that turned out to be quite fun as well. Chicken, Steak, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs...Yum!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007


63 Years Ago Today

Operation Overlord Launched

Kind of like storming the Death Star. That was my impression on touring the D-Day beaches on a trip back in 2000. some 56 years or so from the actual invasion the remnants of the Atlantic Wall were still impressive and seemingly impenetrable. Worse for our troops, behind the wall lay field after flied surrounded by hedges and berms, giving the retreating Germans shelter. This was a day when it was all on the line. Seeing what we were up against, even today, is humbling.

D-Day Resources:

Wikipedia - Battle of Normandy
Encyclopedia Britannica - D-Day

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Someone, Anyone

Please buy me a Chairbot!

This is part of the future I've been waiting for!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007



How fun is this?!
My house is being featured on the promotional materials for an event this weekend promoting my neighborhood. Sweet!
One small typo, but it makes it even more appropriate since this blog is littered with them. As I didn't make the brochure one could assume that such things are contagious.
More on the event here.

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Spreading Democracy

Bush to extend call for global democracy

Great, good for him. Funny thing is that he seems to support democracy in all parts of the world save for his own back yard, DC. I guess perhaps that's because granting DC true representation in Congress doesn't involve hundreds of billions of dollars for war.

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Quote of the Day

"My message will be Vladimir — I call him Vladimir — that you shouldn't fear a missile defense system," Bush said. "As a matter of fact, why don't you cooperate with us on a missile defense system. Why don't you participate with the United States." - George Bush, at a press conference n the Czech Republic.

(One wonders what his good friend Vlad calls him?)


Monday, June 04, 2007


We will always have Paris


I'm not one to be proud of reveling in the "suffering" of others (at least not overly proud). But for what ever reason, I must admit that there is something rather poetic about Paris Hilton going to jail, even if it is for only 23 days.

Perhaps it's not her fault, and I'm sure there's a women's studies professor who can argue it is somehow my fault. But being famous for a homemade porn video, being rich, drunk and stupid isn't the kind of celebrity we should be celebrating.

Today's lesson: Act like jail bait, become jail bait

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