Monday, July 24, 2006


William F. Buckley

A Liberal?

He must be, he's saying that President Bush isn't a conservative. Never mind this guy is the father of the modern conservative movement, that doesn't matter anymore. The only mark of being a Republican or a Conservative is how much you blindly support the current President.

Of course I've been saying this for two years. Now that we all seem to agree that the current administration is a failure, it begs the question..."What next?" Looking at the "leaders" waiting in the wings, I can't say I'm optimistic.

(Note: Seems that his headline has already been taken by other bloggers...oops!)...

Friday, July 21, 2006


Weekend Reading

R.I.P. - G.O.P. Edition

Carrying on my thoughts that the GOP is so beyond reality at this point that the only way to slap them back to reality is to root for (I'll regret saying this...) Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (oh the shame!). But seriously, five years into this and we're $4 trillion more into debt, corruption is rampant, and the focus in congress is FMA, flag burning and the pledge. Pathetic. So here's some thoughts and commentary along these lines.

Betting on Republican Values: Internet gambling and the GOP campaign to protect us from freedom

The President's Rotten Record on Trade
Why George W. Bush is the most protectionist president since Herbert Hoover

The Republican Spending Explosion
When the Republicans gained control of Congress in 1994, they promised to eliminate the deficit and reduce wasteful spending. For several years, the GOP partly upheld its commitment by modestly curtailing spending growth and balancing the budget.

Feds sharpen secret tools for data mining
U.S. intelligence agencies have invested millions of dollars since 9/11 on computer programs that search through financial, communications, travel and other personal records of people in the US.


Batteries Recharged

New York City...Always Diverting

Oh, I forgot to let you all know what a great time I had in NYC last weekend. Got a good deal on shuttle tickets ($140!), so flew up on Friday for a weekend of fun.

First off, had a killer meal at WD-50, Chef Wiley Defrense (an Iron Chef competitor) has a really cool place on the LES. Incredible food that is also futuristic. Worth checking out. Also, a minor celebrity sighting...I believe Phil Keoghan (Host of the Amazing Race) was seated near my table. Anyway, if your looking for an interested dinner, check this place out.

Also caught a fascinating exhibit at the Met. Paintings by an artist named Girodet. Very cool. He was the darling of the salon culture...where artists would gather and pick a theme, eg. this week we're painting scenes from this book, etc.

Another fun aspect was just sitting in a coffee shop/diner ala Seinfeld. In NY just a simple pursuit is a study in America. Polish waitresses shouting orders to Salvadoran cooks while the Lebanese manager watches over the action for the Korean store owners as throngs of fanny-packed Midwesterners chow down on western omlettes. Those damn immigrants...

Anyway, a needed weekend for what has been a difficult two weeks at work (which is odd because my job is usually pretty stress free)...

But any visit to New York is pricey. Figured between the travel costs, hotel (The Sofitel on 44th...highly recommend it!), purchases and fine dining, I spent about $20 per hour for 48 hours..geesh!

(p.s. - most of the photos posted lately have been from my palm treo phone...not too shabby heh?)


The Week Republicanism Died

Stem Cell Veto, Etc.

Hey, I've been complaining for two odd years on this blog that very little of what the current Administration is doing with their power is conservative. This week's veto of the stem cell bill pushed me beyond the edge. While I certainly can be sympathetic to the issue of federal funding (sometimes causing more harm than good) and I think the whole stem cell claims are over rated (we're just five years away from a cure!- I doubt it). The simple fact is that despite all the hollow threats to veto out of control spending by Congress, the first veto by this President (who fashions himself a new Reagan?!) is on stem cells?!

What makes me even madder is that I agree with former NBA star Charles Barkley who said this week, "I was a republican, until they lost their minds" too Charles, me too.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hell on Earth

What's Worse?

Elephant's colleague Donkey reports:

Having Jury duty on a 100 degree day in DC?

or Having Jury Duty on a 100 degree day in DC and being forced to sit in a crowded jury pool room watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" while all those around you are crunching on popcorn?

I think the latter.

Friday, July 14, 2006


New York City?!


Hurray, I'm off to the airport for a weekend in NYC. Having dinner tonight at WD-50 (Chef Defrense was just on Iron Chef America: Battle Tilapia!). Some 'xibits at the Met and just tooling around.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Taking Refuge

You can find me here... much going on, mostly bad. If you need me I'll be over a


Iraq, Mumbai, Beruit

Oh My!

Dude, I woke up today and found the world lurching to a more all out war. Scary-ish stuff going on and all tied together by islamic fundamentalist militants. World War III seems to be emerging as a loose collection of battles across many fronts.



Hippies Don't Like Mass Transit...

Seems that eco-consciousness and uber-liberal commitment to mass transit only goes so far...most likely the distance one can comfortably pedal a recumbent bike. SFO's BART Station is a bust with passengers and locals.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Palm Beach in the Summer


Yes, Florida in July...what a fine job I have!

Anyway spent the last three days in Palm Beach on business. Here's a shot of famous Worth Avenue (Think Rodeo Drive East)..on a Sunny Monday evening... The only


Fruits of My Labor!


Hey, I harvested the first tomato(e) from the Elephant garden late last week. Plated it up with some fresh basil (also from the garden) and some mozerella. Yum!

The best part is when it comes time to file my 2006 taxes and I apply for my farm subsidies!


My Baloney Has A Frist Name

It's G-O-P...

Sigh...A brief brake from blogging has only seen things here in Washington continue their march into the absurd. Gas prices are well over $3/gal here in DC, spending is still out of control (but thank goodness the President is on track to halve the very deficit his spending has created!)...and now Bush is threatening to veto a stem cell bill. What leadership! What skillful decission maker skills. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!

Oh yes, while not debating or attempting to curb spending at all, or address the ongoing lack of progress in Iraq, corruption in Congress, etc. The House has spent the last week talking values...and apparently internet gambling is such a threat the government must step in and curb it (unless it is the government sponsoring the gambling like the lotto!). Yeah, that's wouldn't want people gambling on line and putting themselves in the hole about $24,000 plus dollars (our individual share of the national debt!).

Anyway, I'm totally tuning's just too sad. Looking for the next big thing as this Republican "Revolution" is over....

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