Friday, July 21, 2006


The Week Republicanism Died

Stem Cell Veto, Etc.

Hey, I've been complaining for two odd years on this blog that very little of what the current Administration is doing with their power is conservative. This week's veto of the stem cell bill pushed me beyond the edge. While I certainly can be sympathetic to the issue of federal funding (sometimes causing more harm than good) and I think the whole stem cell claims are over rated (we're just five years away from a cure!- I doubt it). The simple fact is that despite all the hollow threats to veto out of control spending by Congress, the first veto by this President (who fashions himself a new Reagan?!) is on stem cells?!

What makes me even madder is that I agree with former NBA star Charles Barkley who said this week, "I was a republican, until they lost their minds" too Charles, me too.

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