Thursday, February 21, 2008


Somethings Fishy

Broken Sattelite or?

Yesterday the U.S. Navy used a missle to shoot down an 'ailing spy sattelite". The sattelite was allegedly in a useless orbit and full of scary, poisonous fuel. For "safety" the government shot it to pieces to ensure its inceration as it falls from the sky. Why don't I believe them?

But I guess I should feel safer, as the government allegedly used "Star Wars" technology to shoot down the sattelite. So we are safe from futur failing sattelites...unless of course there are rough seas. Still fascinating though...



Yes, This Should Work

New Week, New Theme.

Again, sorry if this is obsessive, but I find the excessive and spectacularly bad decisions and strategy of the Clinton team to be mezmerizing. As I mentioned yesterday, she's the new Britney Spears.

Hillary Will Mount a Commander-In-Chief Offensive

Also, the campaign rolled out a working class themed commercial called "Night Shift” and it talks about how Clinton wants to help folks who work hard, like waitresses, etc. Perhaps that money would have been better spent paying off the tens of thousands of dollars the campaign owes various businesses, restaurants and catering companies across the country.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Don't Like the Rules?

Change them...

Senator Clinton may be the true candidate of change after all. With the numbers stacked against her for winning the democratic nomination, her only options are to change the rules. In case we don't fully grasp this concept, she's launched a website to promote this strategy. Report here.

And why not? When dismissing the will of the voters of 23 states as 'not significant' doesn't work, or when shrill cries of plagiarism fall flat, why not change the rules.

As we've seen with South Carolina, The Clintons will stop at nothing in pursuit of power. There are numerous avenues the Clintons can pursue to secure the nomination, the problem is that in achieving that goal there aren't many of those options left that wouldn’t spilt the party and guarantee John McCain's election.





Here is a shot of the floor of the Colorado state assembly I took last Friday.




Best Exit Poll Number

Of the voters identifying themselves as listening to conversative radio commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or thier ilk, 75% voted for John McCain.

They're enteraining, but apparently not influential. That's part of my excitement about this election, on the left and on the right the leading candidates aren't entirely under the thumb of their party's establishment.



Wisconsin, Hawaii

Decide they don't matter

By wide margins....


Friday, February 15, 2008


Democrat Battle

Down to the Wire?

The drama continues. Senator Clinton releases an attack ad, which isn't really an attack nor very much of an ad. Obama counters then peels of Super Delegate and uber-civil rights bearer John Lewis. Polls from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas show Clinton may still have a chance. And the media and blogger cynics ponder how dumb we all are to get excited by Obama's speech-making.

After seven years of listening to President Bush struggle to put together sentences, which more often than not are lies anyway; it's fun to watch a real, dynamic political discussion.



On Travel


I flew out to Denver yesterday for a series of meetings this morning. As opposed to flying my usual platinum elite status on Northwest, whose ticket prices have skyrocketed, I took Frontier. It was nice, even in my seat way back. The flight attendants were nice and professional. 

Anyway, it was snowing in Denver when I arrived. Nice.

Meetings all day, then a late flight back to DC. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Less of this Please Mr. Obama


Not only was Che Guevara a mean guy, but he's also sort of a liberal cliche'. If you're the candidate of tomorrow, then let's not be looking to yesterday...especially if you want the vote of independents like me.

Unless the revolution you propose is along these lines:

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary...These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall! (El Paredón)" --Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

And as wel all know, that's pretty much what we've got under Bush!



Operation "Buckwheat"

Clinton Surrogates Continue "Race-Baiting"

Candidate of change my *ss. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell continues the Clinton surrogate whisper campaign that whites won't vote for Obama. It's shameless really, and when you're talking about folks at this level, coordinated as well. I'm sure that the Clinton team even has a project name...operation "Buckwheat." (Hoping perhaps to paint Obama as a minstrel show characticture ala Amos and Andy)...

First we have the candidate herself commenting on her loss on Louisiana.

"These are caucus states by and large, or in the case of Louisiana, you know, a very strong and very proud African-American electorate, which I totally respect and understand." (I'm not so sure you do understand Hillary).

My question to Ed is what makes Pennsylvanians different than folks in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, North Dakota and other states that have voted overwhelmingly for Obama? Did all the racists from the Deep South move to Pennsylvania? Could you be more insulting to the residents of the state you represent?!

The best part is though after being so dismissive of the states she hasn't carried, and after making such statements like the one above, her next breath talks about who there will be a unified party in the fall. Don't be so sure.




A Good Day for McCain and Obama

A good day for the two leading candidates in the Mid-Atlantic States.
Obama has momentum, but the pattern is set for a very tight race with a very tanacious opponent. Let me say again, it's so refreshing, after 7 years to tuning this stuff out to be focused again on what comes next!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I Agree 100%

 Sullivan's Take

Is dead on...



Generation Gap

Do Endorsements Matter?

On the left or the right a lot of talk on endorsements by various current and former leaders. For McCain, so big points this week in picking up the Jeb Bush's (the good one!) endorsement. On the Dem side, such backing is a little more important since the party gives about 1/3 of its delegates to party insiders (which may prove problematic moving forward). 

Clinton is touting a potential endorsement in Ohio (a must win state for her) of former Senator/Astronaught John Glenn. I'm not sure how much that gets her. In discussions with my friends, the consensus headlines were:

For those 55 and older - Clinton gets Endorsement from Hero-Astronaught John Glenn.

For those under 55 - Former member of the "Keating Five" and that Old-Senator-who-used-his-political-power-to-get-a-free-ride-on-the-space shuttle - Endorses Senator Clinton. 



Sexism and the Campaign

Clothing Choices

Senator Clinton's staff decries it as sexist when the public or media discusses her clothing choices. What do they say when she does an exclusive article on the same topic?



Voting Begins

Potomac/Chesapeake Primary

Got to the polls as they opened and about 50 people cycled through in the short time I was there. A steady stream were walking up as I left. Not bad for 7AM and 24 degrees. My neighborhood is about 60% African American and 40% mixed with a growing number of highly educated young professionals. Not favorable territory for Senator Clinton (and one she's noted doesn't really count anyway).

Here's what the scene looked like at 7:05 AM.


Monday, February 11, 2008


The Chesapeake Primary

Is tomorrow!

It will be interesting to see how the voting plays out tomorrow. Virginia has been trending dem for some time, but has a strong religious streak that could help Huckabee. Clinton is reportedly working hard for a win in Virginia, or at least not a catastrophic loss.

Typically in DC we don't get much campaigning on the presendential level, so it has been intersting to see some action. My observations:

There has been zero GOP activity.

We'll know more tomorrow. Remember to vote!



Not Good News

When You're Compared to Poochi!

I'm an old school Simpson's fan. I caught this reference today related to a Clinton Campaign posting of a response to the now famous "Obama Girl." Daily Kos makes the's all very Poochie-esque. Awesome!

An and interesting insight into the two campaigns use of the interents. Clinton doesn't seem to fully grasp it's power (especially in fundraising), where as Obama and his supporters are breaking new ground.

Gotta planet needs me!

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Obama pulls ahead in delegate count.

Huckabee robbed?

Clinton retools! Were the campaign funding issues a trick?



Can McCain...

Save the GOP?

One of the biggest challenges facing the GOP is the total destruction of the parties credibility on core issues like limited govermnet, fiscal responsibility and even their hawkishness on national defense. The hijacking of the party the Bush-Conservatives and the preeminance of false profets like Jamesdobson as well as cheerleeding by the Hannities, Limbaughs and Coulters have moved the party so far into the corner, that not even Ronald Reagan would be considered a conservative by these folks.

But that's the opportunity for John McCain isn't it? Not indebted to these fringe groups he could move the party back to the middle. I mean if these other groups were so powerful, were's Guiliani? Romney? It'd be nice to have a GOP candidate not beholden to these people.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008


The Permanent Victims

Tears, Race Cards and Money...

Have you ever noticed that the Clinton machine runs best when they play the victims?

First it was the vast right wing conspiracy that forced Bill Clinton to harass women and molest cigars. Then of course, after the Iowa caucus it was the tears. Before and after South Carolina is was shameful and disgusting race baiting by the Clintons* and their surrogates**. Now it's the Clinton money woes.

It all lends itself to the drama doesn't it?

But it is drama that gives this woman of privilege and advantage the appearance of having to overcome faux hardships. Feminism indeed.

Readers of this blog will know that I've been disgusted by the politics of the last seven years and would love to send the GOP to the wood shed for the next four. But I'll vote for Kim Jung Il before I'd hand the presidency back the the Clintons.

* Don't you like the dismissive chuckle?!
**Robert Johnson is a creep

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Hillary Clinton

Candidate of Change

Apparently 35 years of public service (including 8 years without pay) is a lot more lucrative than one would expect. lucrative enough that she has $5 million to lend her campaign?! Now that's a lot of change. Of course, as a feminist she certainly wouldn't be tapping into her husbands riches would she? Especially when it comes from despots?

Just asking.

Meanwhile the O-Train has raised $7 million in the last 24 hours.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Save the Mermaids!

State of Florida Buys Weeki Wachee

Back in 1977, my folks drove me and my brothers down to Florida to our vacation. Just north of St. Pete, where my grandparents had just purchased their retirement home, was the folk-tastic Weeki Wachee park. A roadside attraction par-excellance.

Threatened with closure, Florida decided to step in a preserve this unique part of its history.
Good for them.

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We Don't Torture....

Ummm Actually....

We do. (But just the really, really bad guys)



Super-Fat Tuesday


Again, what an amazing couple of days. Two debates last week, the Super Bowl, then a Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday election free for all!

Obama continues to rise, although Senator Clinton is clinging tightly to a lead. The once confident Dems may be heading into an open convention. Amazing. Reports are that Obama may have won more delegates yesterday continue to shake things up.

Meanwhile, on the right, McCain is pulling into a solid lead thanks to winner take all primaries, but Huckabee and Romney's wins show that the social conservative/immigration bully side of the party has not yet bought into a McCain nomination. From my perspective the Dobson, Limbaugh, Coulter attacks on McCain make him a much more appealing candidate.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


In case you missed it



This makes sense...

Income= $50K, Mortgage=$607,000

An interesting article in today's Washington Post on the impact of the mortgage crisis on sunbelt cities. I found this quout enlightening:

"We're in so deep that it doesn't seem like anything will help," said Rebekah Ao, 33, a pregnant homemaker who lives in a new four-bedroom home in Avondale with her husband, Otto, a truck driver. The Aos, with $50,000 in income, owe a total of $607,000 on mortgages for two houses they bought since they moved to the Phoenix area about two years ago.

So please tell me exactly why taxpayers whould be bailing out the Aos?

They'll get a bail out, the executive of the mortgage firm that lent to these people will get a huge bonus, and responsible folks who were smart enough to get a fixed rate mortgage- like most of us - will pay for it.

Mission accomplished.

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Monday, February 04, 2008


Remember to Vote!

Super Tuesday!

Probably one of the best campaign speeches in the last 20 years. Why would anyone vote for Senator Clinton?




China Transport Crisis

Wow! This is one of those events that put into perspective just how BIG China is.
800,000 people - one train station - no trains. Makes O'Hare look like paradise.

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Blast from the Past

Still Rockin' the Free World

Or something like that. Got together with an old friend who now goes by Boogie and is set to be bigger than the Biggles! I'm speaking of the N. Virginia sensation, Rocknocerous!



Fiscal Restraint

And the GOP

This about says it all doesn't it?

President offers $3 TRILLION budget.

Paging Dr. Paul?!

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A Great Week

For Geeks

Wow, what a great weekend. Kicked it off on Wednesday with the GOP debate. Sad, but interesting. Then Thursday's Democrat debate. I think Senator Clinton did well, as I found myself not cringing everytime she spoke. Then we get an amazing Superbowl (even if the evil Eli Manning is the hero of the day). It was a good game. And Tommorrow's Super Tuesday!

Oh yeah...and Ground Hog's Day was in there somewhere too!

Here's hoping for a McCain-Obama race.

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