Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The GOP Debate

A Bunch of Grandpa Simpsons...

I watched a rerun of the GOP Presidential debate last night and all I can say is what a sorry crop of candidates it is. I found the messianic debut of Fred Thompson underwhelming and thought he was looking physically ill. Ron Paul got in some good sound bites and I was surprised that I found myself rooting for a sometimes sympathetic Mike Huckabee (I know!), but thought the whole bunch sounded like five or six Grandpa Simpsons. McCain was especially wooden and pathetic.

The worst part of it, was the Hillary baiting and the reflexive arguments that any democrat candidate will grow the federal government, spend more money, and subjugate me to the state. Really?

I mean under the current administration, with the acquiescence of Congress, the President has the authority to strip me of my constitutional protections, lock me away, subject me to 'enhanced interrogation techniques' perfected by the likes of Stalin and the Khmer Rogue (but it's not torture!) deny me access to the courts and an attorney. But I should be afraid that the recently vetoed health insurance program for kids is a slide into socialism? I'm also told that I should be outraged by the budget busting $6 billion per year for a program while this same cadre is well on its way to spending $1 TRILLION dollars on a war that was supposed to pay for itself?

They don't get it, the party doesn't get it and the need some time in the wilderness to figure it out if you ask me. Of course the only thing that can save them and the party is Hillary and it looks the the GOP, the media and the Dems are doing everything they can to ensure that she's the nominee. I've had eight years of divisiveness, I don't want another four.

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First of, I can't believe it has been two months since I've posted. Time flies. Part of the lack of blogging has been that the new job is much more demanding than the old job. I like it fine, but I'm earning my keep as they say. It's also hard to blog about the current state of affairs when they've gone so far over the cliff that they simply mock themselves. From the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, to Larry Craig's sad demise, the plunging dollar, to Bush's ongoing destruction of our republic, to the pathetic crop of GOP presidential candidates, idiot talking heads on TV, etc, it's taken all my energy not to explode in rhetorical rage, thus the silence.

On the flip side a lot is happening in the personal and professional life that's keeping me going. Just got back from an AMAZING trip to Guatemala (Antigua & Tikal), and in a week, I'm headed to France for a two week vacation and work is busy and challenging. Will try to get back to regular blogging soon.

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