Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Generation Gap

Do Endorsements Matter?

On the left or the right a lot of talk on endorsements by various current and former leaders. For McCain, so big points this week in picking up the Jeb Bush's (the good one!) endorsement. On the Dem side, such backing is a little more important since the party gives about 1/3 of its delegates to party insiders (which may prove problematic moving forward). 

Clinton is touting a potential endorsement in Ohio (a must win state for her) of former Senator/Astronaught John Glenn. I'm not sure how much that gets her. In discussions with my friends, the consensus headlines were:

For those 55 and older - Clinton gets Endorsement from Hero-Astronaught John Glenn.

For those under 55 - Former member of the "Keating Five" and that Old-Senator-who-used-his-political-power-to-get-a-free-ride-on-the-space shuttle - Endorses Senator Clinton. 


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