Wednesday, July 12, 2006


My Baloney Has A Frist Name

It's G-O-P...

Sigh...A brief brake from blogging has only seen things here in Washington continue their march into the absurd. Gas prices are well over $3/gal here in DC, spending is still out of control (but thank goodness the President is on track to halve the very deficit his spending has created!)...and now Bush is threatening to veto a stem cell bill. What leadership! What skillful decission maker skills. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!

Oh yes, while not debating or attempting to curb spending at all, or address the ongoing lack of progress in Iraq, corruption in Congress, etc. The House has spent the last week talking values...and apparently internet gambling is such a threat the government must step in and curb it (unless it is the government sponsoring the gambling like the lotto!). Yeah, that's wouldn't want people gambling on line and putting themselves in the hole about $24,000 plus dollars (our individual share of the national debt!).

Anyway, I'm totally tuning's just too sad. Looking for the next big thing as this Republican "Revolution" is over....

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