Friday, June 23, 2006


The Grapevine...


Have I mentioned what a pain in the neck it has been dealing with the White House the past five years? Unlike past administrations, the current administration calls in representatives from big groups around town (e.g.-the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NFIB, AARP, etc) on various issues and tells them what the administration will be doing and then demands the full support and cooperation of these groups. In my experience with previous regimes it was a more collaborative - Hey AARP what sort of prescription drug program do you all think seniors might want? Perhaps that is why so few of the administrations proposals (even the few good ones) have gotten through congress.

Anyway, Donkey had lunch today with a semi-senior political appointee who's recently left the administration...word is that all these high flying appointees are getting the cold shoulder from local trade associations, lobbying shops and law firms as they look for their next career move...

What comes around goes around I guess....

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