Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Babs Wants You

To Spend Your Bush Tax Cut On Her!

Donkey sent me over a copy of this email from work. Seems that Barbara Streisand will be in DC at some point for a once in a life time show. She retired a few years back if I am not mistaken..but perhaps she needs some $$ after she sued that environmental guy. Who knows...

To: All Employees
Sent: Tue Jun 13 14:31:47 2006
Subject: Verizon Center Event - Barbara Streisand

Notice has been received that "Barbara Streisand" will be at the Verizon Center on Friday, October 13, 2006, @ TBD. The ticket price is $383.00/ticket. This price includes a $30.00 service charge per ticket. If you are interested in tickets (4 available), please notify me immediately via e-mail. Return message must include
number of tickets requested, ....and payment must be made before tickets will be ordered. Thanks

$383 per ticket?! I don't even think my evil Bush tax cut was enough to cover that... In her ceaseless criticism of the Administration Babs asks....

"With all of the wealth in this country, why do we have schools in low-income neighborhoods that are overcrowded, lack accredited teachers and even lack basic supplies?" (April 4, 2003)

ANSWER: Because otherwise we wouldn't be able to pay to see overpaid celebrities warble about the stage interspersing their classics with timely, insightful political rhetoric. (There isn't even enough camp value here to justify these prices.)

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