Thursday, June 08, 2006


The New C Word

Yesterdays News...

Like Medusa, or perhaps some other mytholigical hag, it seems if one talks of her, it only increases her powers. Saying her name seems to give her energy as well..of course I'm talking about Ann Coulter. Funny for about 10 minutes in the mid-1990s and since eclipsed by the younger, even more outrageous Michelle Malkin, Ann is proving yet again, that the ideas that got the GOP majority have been exhausted and all that remains is dogma.

Her attempt at grabbing the spot light this week involves reffering to 9/11 widows as "Harpies", "The Witches of East Brunswick", among the more kind words. These widows crime in her eyes? Asking the government to step up and be accountable and responsive to America's security needs. Asking the government to be accountable...I mean how "Liberal" is that! I agree with this take, she's gone so far over the edge, she's become not only a parody of herself, but curved around into extreme land to join the likes of Micheal Moore, Ted fact perhaps she's even bought herself a ticket to Chomsky-land. I hope she enjoys the trip.

I have never in my life used the "C" word in reference to any member of the fairer sex....I think it applies here....

(Of course again, blogging about her only makes her stronger.....)

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