Friday, June 02, 2006



A Perot Redux?

As I mentioned before, my lack of postings is in part attributable to the fact I'm tired of complaining about the current administration and congressional leadership. While they could still reach out and accomplish something positive...five years and counting seems too long to quote our leader, "Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice (awkward pause)..well just don't fool me twice."

The fact that with Iraq still in shambles, spending out of control, New Orleans in ruins, corruption running rampant (both sides of the aisle) Congress will be devoting next week to vote on the MPA...the redux of the failed federal marriage amendment...even conservative bloggers are lamenting the focus on this anti-conservative amendment. Yet I digress....

Instapundit links to this compelling article by Joe Trippi (how bipartisan..and Joe get those teeth bleached!) is intriguing... (Oh course so were other new and exciting movements like the progressives and the national socialists...which both quickly devolved into very base (evil) movements)....

But the bigger issue here and one I find compelling is, Where to now? The Bush Presidency is likely to be a huge-ish failure, voters are turning their backs on the GOP which has totally sold out and remain skeptical of the democrats. A push for a third party would do a lot to re-energize politics in America and for the first time in a while...I am sanguine.

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