Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Oh Congress!

At Least They Had A Warrant!

I can no longer believe the silliness coming out of Congress. We can complain about the Administration all we want, but need to remember it is the current crop of "leaders" in Congress who have rubber-stamped just about every policy decision by the President.

I find it ironic that after months of Congress's acts of fealty to the administration on the oxymoronic concept of "warrant-less wiretapping" that members of the GOP leadership would go ape sh#t over the search (with warrant mind you!) of an 'allegedly' corrupt politician.

People on both sides of the aisle and blogosphere have been griping about the unfettered eaxpansion of executive power (again rubber-stamped by this very Congress) over the past few it seems, when the rules are applied to Congress, it isn't enough...they want even more exceptional treatment.

Oh yes, there has been some jawing about how this is 'unconstitutional' under the debate clause..but trust me, that's pure baloney....

I think it is time we need a little purge legislature....throw the bums out.

I must say I stand with the Administration on this one...


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