Monday, May 08, 2006


Jesus (Copyright)

Forbidden Fruit...Oh So Sweet...

You know the whole story in the novel The Da Vinci Code is kind of lame, but what I found riveting was the discussion (fictional) of an alternative history of Jesus as well as contemporary writings about him that were not included in the biblical cannon. It made me want to learn more about how the Bible was assembled, what was not included, and general got me interested in the historical aspects of Christianity. Probably not too bad a thing as far as my soul is concerned.

But of course, if such explorations or musings are beyond the authority of the "Church", yikes! So, in a great marketing move the Catholic Church is telling folks not to go see it (with the usual success), and even threatening legal action (on the theory I guess that Jesus is somehow copyrightable?)...

"Jesus Copyright" is too the name of a brazilian model(it's not "Jesus Luz")whom was met even with the former vice president Al Gore in 2006 in a exclusive cocktail. He was in prison in 2008 in France and today i don't know much...
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