Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Alive and Kickin'

Tired of Shouting...

How long can elephant complain about the current state of affiars here in DC? It seems just under two years before I get tired of the shouting and all the "Oh no you didn't" of the blogoshpere. So, I've taken a bit of respite to do other projects, yard work and simply enjoy the unseasonably nice weather we've been having in DC (until this week it's been in the mid-70s...very Santa Monica-ish)...Anyway, I'm fine...better than fine, incase you were concered.

Both my Pa and Ma and my little bro have been out to visit and in each case had a great time catching a Nationals game...big fun. Working with a landscaper on a master plan for my back yard ala Landscapers challenge...and generally keeping up with maintenance issues on my house - the latest of which is having to perform some scheduled maintenance on the house's cedar facase...So, in short, I'm living large outside the blog and enjoying it...

Politically I couldn't careless about what's happening here in DC (expect for where I have to for my job). The republican leadership is a joke, President Bush is too and the Dems still are dabbling in I'm ignoring them all...

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