Friday, July 21, 2006


Batteries Recharged

New York City...Always Diverting

Oh, I forgot to let you all know what a great time I had in NYC last weekend. Got a good deal on shuttle tickets ($140!), so flew up on Friday for a weekend of fun.

First off, had a killer meal at WD-50, Chef Wiley Defrense (an Iron Chef competitor) has a really cool place on the LES. Incredible food that is also futuristic. Worth checking out. Also, a minor celebrity sighting...I believe Phil Keoghan (Host of the Amazing Race) was seated near my table. Anyway, if your looking for an interested dinner, check this place out.

Also caught a fascinating exhibit at the Met. Paintings by an artist named Girodet. Very cool. He was the darling of the salon culture...where artists would gather and pick a theme, eg. this week we're painting scenes from this book, etc.

Another fun aspect was just sitting in a coffee shop/diner ala Seinfeld. In NY just a simple pursuit is a study in America. Polish waitresses shouting orders to Salvadoran cooks while the Lebanese manager watches over the action for the Korean store owners as throngs of fanny-packed Midwesterners chow down on western omlettes. Those damn immigrants...

Anyway, a needed weekend for what has been a difficult two weeks at work (which is odd because my job is usually pretty stress free)...

But any visit to New York is pricey. Figured between the travel costs, hotel (The Sofitel on 44th...highly recommend it!), purchases and fine dining, I spent about $20 per hour for 48 hours..geesh!

(p.s. - most of the photos posted lately have been from my palm treo phone...not too shabby heh?)

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