Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Food for Thought...

I was scanning an international web forum where people from all over the world were posting their thoughts on President Reagan. I found this posting to be somewhat insightful.

He made being an American more important than being a Republican or a Democrat. He gave all of us not only more respect for the governing process but for the people in it. We have lost all of that. But we do remember.
Bob Guy, USA

Sadly that equation has now flipped. The message from the GOP seems to be that to be an American you must be a Republican.

No, No, No...

You don't *have to* be a Republican to be an American.

It's just been so long since there's been a confirmed sighting of a non-America-hater among the Democrats, that it's become an unconscious equating of the two groups. Mathematically

American = Republican + delta
Democrat = delta
Because (delta ~ 0), therefore (Republican ~ American)

It's kinda like "rounding error" If something costs $0.99, don't you, for simplicity, just say "One dollar"?

It's been a couple days...

Do you suppose the Elephant fell over the edge?
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