Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Or is it still twitching?

Hearing from the Hill that the Senate may bow to pressure from budget hawks to include pay as you go provisions in the new budget. No cuts or new programs without reducing spending in other areas. Fiscal Conservatives want it in the main budget document, leadership is willing to allow a separate vote on it. Progress....

Twitching... Yeah.

Don't think that social conservatives are necessarily fiscally liberal.

A lot of the folks I know recognize degrees of distastefulness. We would RATHER see the government cut back to within its constitutional bounds, but, short of that, at least re-organizing the spending towards initiatives that are more likely to actaully "promote the general welfare" is the alternative that we can live with for now.

FWIW, from what I've seen the principle-based social conservatives are more likely to be the hard-and-fast fiscal conservatives.

Let's pray this small measure of fiscal responsibility survives.
Bronson, I think we have achieved consensus on an issue!
Yeah, I suppose aggrement on at least one issue was bound to happen on some issue among any given group of Republicans eventually. ;-)

I suspect that we agree on a sizeable majority of issues in the universe of possible issues to be discussed, but its the ones we disagree over that provide the opportunity to learn about each other and ourselves.

Try again... I'm sure we can find something fun to disagree about!
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