Monday, July 19, 2004



Elephant spent some time with various friends who happen to be republican staffers this week. Seems that my dissaffection with the administration is broadly shared by my contemporaries. Like me, none would be thrilled with a Kerry Administration, but increasingly more and more are asking, "Could it be any worse than what we have now?"

Is this just inside the beltway moaning, or part of a larger shift? Just asking.

My take... It's primarily an inside the beltway malaise that you're suffering.

Let's concentrate on beating Waffles and his band of merry appeasers in the Senate and House and see if we can finally get some legislative choices that span from "good" to "better" for a change.

Governing with a hostile media is much less fun than being the opposition party, but let's put our feelings and egos aside long enough to stick with the program and do what's right for the country, OK?
But the question remains, what is the program?
Part 1 of "The Program":
Beat Waffles and his merry band of appeasers in the Senate and House.

Part 2 of "The Program":
Continue to kick terrorist @$$, and demonstrate to the world that we won't kowtow to cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys or elect candidates who look like them. Also, in so doing make America safer by continuing to reduce the resources available to terrorists in terms of financing and "safe" geography.

Part 3 of "The Program":
Make the President's tas reforms immediate and permanent (as much as any ever are).

Part 4 of "The Program":
Nominate and appoint as many young federal judges as possible who will respect the Constitution and the role of the Judiciary, which is NOT to be an unelected super-legislature.

I'm sure there are other parts, but those should be sufficient reasons to get with "The Program" for now.
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