Tuesday, July 13, 2004


What's Worse than Gambling?

An imperial Congress Tells DC to GFY Again

Gambling, a tough question for the libertarian minded. In the small town from in which my family lives an Indian casino opened up about five years ago. The county gets about 3% of the take 'for education." Talk about an education. Five years later the costs to the residents of the county far exceed the take from the casino. Divorces and domestic violence are up, forclosures have soared and yet the casino keeps on growing.

That's why I plan to vote against a ballot initiative to put a casino in DC. DC's come along way in the last 10 years. In nearly every part of the city, there's a vibrant renewal taking hold. So, gambling is the last thing we need. But, if that's the will of the voters of DC, then so be it. Of course Congress can't keep it's fingers out of our pie. Even if we the voters pass the referendum, Congress (were we have no vote) will likely veto it. Just like they did the medical marijuana act, and our domestic partnership registry. So excuse me if the President and Senate's call to let the people be heard on FMA rings a bit hollow.

Lawmakers Say Congress Won't Allow Slots in D.C.


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