Friday, July 09, 2004


Who is Jane Galt?

She Sums It Up Nicely

I find that discussions of court rulings on abortion and sodomy laws are overheated with personal attacks and moral characterization of legal interpretations. These are difficult discussions to have at the dinner table. In the heat of the discussion lines often begin to blur between:

What the constitution or jurisprudence actually says;
What I'd like it to say;
What someone else would like it to say;
What ought not to be a law (in my opinion), but is constitutional;
What is not constitutional, and therefore also ought not to be a law;
What ought to be a law, but not necessarily a constitutional right;

While I'm not on board with all of her thinking here, she's pretty close to the Elephant in her thinking...and offers an interesting view on personal autonomy issues.


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