Thursday, January 27, 2005


Gingrich: Father of the Revolution and RINO?

"Majority Status Can Be Fleeting"

Could it be that the architect of the 1994 GOP revolution is an EIE reader? Or maybe he's just a RINO (Republican in Name Only)..although both seem unlikely. My experience with former speaker Gingrich is rather positive. Portrayed in the media as a cold hearted corporate shill, he is, in person, a rather warm, intelligent and free thinking person. (My personal experience is the nicer a politician seems on TV the meaner they are in real life and the gruffer they come across the nicer they actually are....the distorting lens of the media if you will.)

Like him or hate him, Gingrich led the revolution which took back the House of Representatives after a generation of democrat domination. He did it by focusing on a narrow set of goals, embodied in the "Contract with America" and was actually focused on results. As the GOP rapidly atrophies into the corrupt majority, haning on to power at any means, Mr. Gingrich appears as a voice of reason....Reminding them of their true mandate.

Former House Speaker Gingrich cautioned Monday that the narrow majority enjoyed by the House Republicans could be threatened in upcoming election cycles if the GOP leaders do not re-evaluate how they govern their chamber and other factors.

"The odds are not trivial that the Republicans could lose the House either in 2006 or 2008, " Gingrich said during a panel discussion..."The size of the margin is not big enough that could comfortably say that incumbents is going to protect you."

He said, "Democrats, if the could move to the center and actually be a serious reform party, would be a formidable threat overnight."

Gingrich argued that if the focus of the GOP base shifts back to their bread and butter issues 0 such as fiscal restraint and 'good government' policies - the GOP leaders and the White House will be under pressure to deliver.
Hmmm, where have we heard that before? Oh yes, I've been saying it since last summer. How long can the GOP hang on to power by fear of terrorism and gay cartoon characters before folks wake up and realize that the party has abandoned all the principles that got them the majority in the first place?

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