Thursday, January 06, 2005


Goodbye Crossfie...We won't miss you


Funny thing is that a 'journalist' like CNN's Tucker Carlson probably thinks that criticism of his sorely lack performances is some sort of badge of honor for his 'conservative' views. He's wrong. Watching Carlson and Begala on Crossfire is more excruciating than having to watch 12 hours of Judge Judy, the Swan and Who's Your Daddy all rolled into a single program. For example.

When discussing the Tsunami in South Asia, Carlson asked a decent question, "Could something similar happen in the U.S." But then went on to ask if were time for views to sell their property in Malibu and the Hamptons. Sorry Tucker, most of your red state viewers don't know what state the Hamptons are in and think that Malibu is an adjective that defines a type of Barbie doll. My generation can do much better than this. Hurray for CNN for 1) Not renewing Tucker's contract and 2) Canceling Crossfire.

Oh, and if I'm not being clear enough here, let me quote Wonkette on this issue. She always sums things up best.

Despite the chatter on today's "Crossfire" that seemed to hint at Tucker's departure, we hear that it's not that Tucker is leaving "Crossfire", it's that "Crossfire" is leaving "Crossfire". CNN said to be canning the show, replacing it with monkeys throwing their own shit at each other.

She's so right....

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