Tuesday, March 22, 2005


36 Hours Later...

Making the Most of a Short Business Trip

Well, I'm at the airport, preparing to return to DC having spent just 36 hours in Las Vegas. But, the good news is I did manage to get some fun logged in along with the work I was sent here to do. Arrived Sunday at about 11 AM and hit the strip. Stopping off at the Stratosphere Tower (along with the Space Needle in Seattle, it makes two kitschy tourist spots in one week!), then headed off to the Hilton to ride the Star Trek rides. From the Hilton I set off to the MGM Grand to see if I could get an unsold ticket for the newest Cirque de Soliel show called Ka. I did and it was pretty good (Note: as the Cirque is so surreal, I've given up trying to expain it.)....anyway, I'm sitting in a very crowded airport at what is 1AM eastern time, waiting for my flight home.....

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