Thursday, April 07, 2005


House GOP Should De-Thrown Delay

Paid Wife/Daughter $500,000, with no record of work

Funny that the same week the Senate hammers nonprofit charities for lax oversight and governance practices that it should be revealed the Majority Leader Delay potentially abused the system by paying his wife and daughter $500,0000 for 'fundraising activities." I remember a time when the party (although Tom Delay has always been a problem in this respect) was concerned about things like ethics. Mr. Delay holds power not out of respect of his house colleagues, but rather by his sear political cunning that increasing appears to involve acts of questionable legality. None of the members I worked with held him in high regard. But the GOP would be reticent to let him go under a cloud of ethics charges, so they're probably looking for any other pretext to boot him out. They should hurry up about it.

DeLay blasts media over report of payments to family

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