Monday, May 09, 2005



God or the Economy?

Still more talk in the media about when Senator Frist will pull the nuclear trigger in his attempt to end the Senate practice of unlimited debates known as filibusters. Some reports place the showdown sometime this week, but if so I'd find it surprising. First off, there remains a heck of a lot of important bills that need to be moved through before the GOP incerates itself by ripping out the tradition of unlimited debate. Things like the highway funding bill, the emergency war supplemental bill (another $82 billion for Iraq/Afghanistan...Remember how the Iraq war was supposed to pay for itself...?!). Anyway, this whole dilemma is setting up a situation where we can see where the GOP leadership's loyalties really stand. Do they support doing their job and promoting economic growth by passing an energy bill, a highway bill and handling other issues related to economic stewardship? or do they go nuclear to please their powerful patrons on the extreme right?

Sadly, I think the answer is the latter, not this week, but soon.

Clash Over Judicial Filibusters Nears Boiling Point

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