Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Around Town

Elephant Tries New DC Circulator Bus, Watches TV

Ok, DC finally got it's act together and now has a circulator bus to take folks like me across town. Our metro system is nice (mostly), but it and our bus system are designed to take people in and out of the city in a giant hub-and-spoke like system. So yesterday as I was headed to my gym (nearly a mile from my office), I thought why not try this new cross town bus. It was in the 90s and humid, so what the heck.

I walked a block to the new bus stop and waited. As promised within a matter of minutes, the sleek new circulator bus pulled up to the bus stop, then it kept going. As did the next three. They all had signs that said "VIP Special Bus" and they were all empty. Me and the other potential customers mumbled our gripes and wandered off, on foot, to our destinations.

DC Circulator to go where Metro can't

(Ironically, here's the website for the DC Circulator...like the new buses it doesn't appear to be operational) http://www.dccirculator.com/

When I got home however, I discovered that the Game Show Network is rerunning the first season of The Amazing Race! (My favorite show!). I only caught parts of the first season, so I plan on TiVo'ing it. (I mean even reruns of TAR is better than Dancing with the "Stars". ) So, the bitterness of the the Bush fiasco was soothed by reruns of reality shows.

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