Friday, July 01, 2005


Doubly Offensive

Taxation (and other stuff) without Representation:

I'm pretty ambivalent about gun control. (Yes, I know your now shouting at my blog..."So, you think it's ok then for the King of England to come push you around...) I think if a person wants to own a gun, then great. Growing up in Michigan most folks I knew had guns and gun safety classes were kind of a right of passage. (In my public school we'd get the first two days of deer hunting season off!). But DC is not Michigan, (Although we do have wild deer if you can believe that!). If my semi-soviet city council wants to pass a restrictive gun law, that's their right. I can fight it at the ballot box, or I can fight it in court or even run for city council myself. What I and my fellow 580,000 residents (More folks than Wyoming by the way) of DC cannot do is have our views represented and counted in Congress. That's why I find this offensive.

House Votes to Repeal District Gun Restriction
Measure Would Curb Law That Requires Firearms Kept in Homes to Be Unloaded, Disassembled

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