Thursday, July 28, 2005


Great Moments In Marketing II

What the hell is a Chickadee Big Shirt?

As I mentoned, catalogue hell is brutal. On the same page as the Mad Blue
Bird photo was this stunner...

Chickadee Big Shirt and Beaded Tee.

Here's the product description, everybody try not to call in their orders at

Two cheery shirts to layer or wear separately. Scoop-neck, easy-fit tee features an appliqued chickadee accented with beads and sequins! Hand wash, Chambray big shirt has long sleeves, buttons down the front and at the cuffs, side vents, and a loose, generous fit.

What better way to impress your friends than with a Chickadee BIG shirt. I'm told it's the best shirt available for Porky-Piggin around the office or at home.

P.S- Midgie, I smell a Christmas Present! (Midgie LOVES chickadees...and
general foods international coffees...) Me, I just like Porky-Piggin'

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