Thursday, July 21, 2005



Safety Pledge

With the destruction of two shuttles due mainly to bureaucratic bungling, NASA and the Commission assigned to study the shuttle set many requirements before they could return to flight. Safety, they say is their number one goal. Well, as we know, they've already fudged that one by not meeting all the conditions set down by the commission. Now, they're even backing away from their own standards in saying that they won't launch the shuttle unless all the fuel sensors work. (3 of 4 currently work, but they can't figure out why).

So, Nasa's new safety pledge:

We won't launch the shuttle unless it is safe and meets our standards

We won't launch the shuttle unless we've met most of our standards.

We won't launch the shuttle unless all fuel sensors work.

We won't launch the shuttle unless most fuel sensors work.

We will launch on Tuesday.

The problems with the shuttle program before arose from violating their own safety standards. Despite losing two shuttles, they are again violating their own standards. How many times do they have to blow up a shuttle before they learn that? Perhaps the third time will be the charm.

NASA still searching for glitch, sets launch date

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