Monday, August 29, 2005


This Week....

Everything is Terrible

Golly, did you get the impression yesterday, from CNN and others, that Hurricane Katrina would be a catastrophic storm and I also think I heard something about New Orleans being mostly below sea-level (although I'm not sure they hammered that point home enough). I think that God, like me, was tired of the over-hyped coverage and nudged Katrina just a little bit to the right to spare NOLA the worst, let's hope so.

I was talking to Donkey yesterday about the impact of Katrina on oil prices, making the bold prediction that the per barrel price would exceed $70 by late this week. When the markets opened today, that barrier fell quickly, putting $80/bbl. in reach. $4/gal gas for the holiday weekend? Uggh... It must be hellish for you all who have to drive every day.

Oh yeah, and there's some stuff going on in Iraq, Crawford, Tx, and Congress comes back next week...truly dreadful.

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