Monday, September 12, 2005


Freedom March is Double Plus Good!

I stayed home...

Well, it looks like the so-called Freedom March here in DC went off like clock work and it appears to have been enjoyed by dozens. The Freedom March took place at the same time as a Nationals Game and a Redskins game, so I stayed home. It was all probably for the best as I most likely would have been arrested.

From today's NYTs....

One man who registered for the walk was detained by a Pentagon police officer after he slipped a black hood over his head and produced a sign that read, "Freedom?"The man was removed from the Pentagon registration area, handcuffed and taken away in a police car. It was not clear whether he was charged or simply detained and the police did not respond to messages requesting more information.

Ann Grossman, 56, from Silver Spring, Md., also carried a homemade sign, which read "Honor Our Troops, Respect Their Lives," that was confiscated by police at the Pentagon.

Ahh Freedom!

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