Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Take 5 Mr. Bush

President's Reprise of War-Talking Will Help....a Little

Hmmm...Didn't we try this before? You know...heading out to friendly forums to talk up the Iraq War?

Mr. Bush is out and about this week, taking his message of hope for Iraq to the great unwashed masses. In the short term, it will probably help him a little - let's say maybe 4 or 5 points in his dismal approval rating. After all, as much as Mr. Bush's awkward way of speaking makes me itchy, it's still better than listing to the so-called White House reporters ask their moronic questions. So, Elephant's call is that Mr. Bush's little speaking tour will give him a slight, albeit temporary boost.

But Bush's longer term prospects depend more on talk. They require a close examination of how we are fighting the war, what our goals are, and if any of that needs to change. The message we keep getting is "Everything is A-OK"...Change is needed, and a true test of leadership is being brave enough to make that change. I keep hoping, for the good of our country, that this will happen...but I've been waiting for five years for that kind of leadership...and I'm still waiting.

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