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Where Elephant Goes (2/15/06), USAToday Follows (4/25/06)!...

Hmm...remember this post? In it I noted that:

Already you can see some of the effects. As background, Michigan is pretty much divided into two parts that roughly follow the I-75 corridor that splits the state into the industrial east, and the more conservative west. Having grown up in the industrial east (Saginaw-ish) it's a bit ironic that neither I nor my brothers, nor anyone I was close to in high school, still lives in that part of the state, if they live in the state at all.In fact of my four fellow H.S. graduates who went on to the prestigious University of Michigan, only one still lives in the state. Most, like me have gone on to other places, DC, NYC, LA, SLC, etc. Even my brothers have lodged themselves in the still growing and diversifying western half of the state. One in Grand Rapids (which is diversifying into high end health care) the other in the touristy Traverse City. Both are in services as well (Accounting, Medicine).

So check out this story in today's USAToday! The article notes that the industrial eastern part of the state is still in decline...but notes that parts of the state are adapting and growing..particularly...

West. Counties including the cities of Muskegon, Holland, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo are seeing modest to robust growth. A highway extension south of Grand Rapids, home of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, has opened neighboring counties to commuters. The Grand Rapids area is attracting medical investment and professionals.

Traverse City and counties on the shores of Lake Michigan are benefiting from tourists and retirees moving in. Beaches and other natural attractions are luring entrepreneurs and executives who can work anywhere because of wealth and technology.

Who knew that I was keeping you all on such a cutting edge of news!

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