Monday, January 14, 2008


Can't Keep My Mouth Shut

2008 Elections

Greetings all. I hope the New Year finds everyone well. Looking forward into 2008, I would never have guessed that the pending presidential election would turn into such a stunningly exciting affair. I'm captivated, captivated enough to come back from my sabbatical and start yammering again.

First, off, let me give you an idea of where I am at this stage. Like many, I'm frustrated and angry with the GOP for taking the country in the direction they have. On just about every front the GOP control of Congress and the presidency has been an utter failure. They've nearly doubled the national debt, they've grown spending more than any modern administration save FDR, and they've empowered government to the extent they can arrest U.S. citizens, ship them to Syria and torture 'em. Mission Accomplished indeed.

So, I'm ready, willing and eager to vote against the GOP nominee. To destroy the party to save it. To that end my cynical heart has found common ground with the Barack Obama campaign. Mainly for his tone of trying to bring the country together. I can't face another four years of being a red/blue nation or basically having to tune out 50% of the populace. From a policy standpoint, I probably have very little in common with his candidacy, but then I think it is safe to say the Obama’s policy positions are to the right of those of Mike Huckabee. That's how bad it is for the GOP.

But there's one thing at this stage that can save the GOP and push my vote back to the right. Her name is Hillary Clinton, and from what I've observed over the past few weeks, it seems her campaign his taking notes from Karl Rove. So nasty is her tone, so arrogant, that at times it is if George W. Bush has put on a dress.

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