Tuesday, June 22, 2004


2 Wrongs Won't Hurt The Right

If there is a theme in Washington this week, it seems to be sex. First Reagan-mania is replaced by Clinton-pseudo-mania with all the hackneyed references to blue dresses and cigars. Then we get the juicy tid-bits of Senate Candidate Ryan's desire to take his then wife and sometimes Borg Jerri Ryan to sex clubs. Now we get this....

Wave of outings hits Congress: Angry activists target closeted members, staffers with anti-gay records


One of my big issues with some of the proponents of the Federal Marriage Amendment is that they are using a divisive issue to further their own ends. Framing the issue as defending marriage (who doesn't support that?) while throwing out red herring arguments about how it is ok to exclude a small group of people from being treated equally under the law, how gay people can't be Christians, etc., etc. For once I'd just like to hear a proponent of the FMA say, I don't understand homosexuality, it creeps me out, and I'm not ready to accept gay marriage. That I would at least understand.

Now this....outing members of Congress and their staff, nice. By doing so activist John Aravosis is essentially reducing these people to their sexuality, a concept one would think that activists are trying to end. His actions are already being denounced by the Log Cabin Republicans and the Human Rights Campaign - who are correct in taking the high road. One of the groups that is supporting the issue of gay marriage rights is called "Love Makes a Family," if this is how Mr. Aravosis treats members of his 'gay family' it's a tough love at best.

Why can't we have a rational discussion about this issue? Even my dear reader Bronson and I, who disagree on the need for an FMA, can occasionally stop repeating other peoples talking points and find some common ground. A long awkward and honest conversation will lead to a better solution than shouting or threats.

Dogma to the Right, Dogma to the Left, no wonder the Elephant is on the edge.

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