Friday, July 09, 2004


The FMA Debate: Initial Report

Wow, this is really fascinating. I've got C-Span running in the background on my desktop, listening to the debate. So far I've heard from Senator Gordon Smith. Senator Smith gave a very cogent and well thought out argument discussing his thoughts on marriage, how his grandparents were polygamists and how their were discriminated against in their beliefs on marriage. Not what I call a winning argument, but it was sincere and thoughtful.

Now Orin Hatch is up. I don't think he's doing a particularly good job. In fact I think he's doing substantial damage to the GOP's claims that this is not about the presidential race. He's focused on Kerry's position, Edwards position, Gephardts position and other current and former Democratic Presidential Candidates comments on the issue now and in the past. Wait isn't this about marriage? Hang it up Orin, there's much better arguments for FMA that this....

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