Friday, July 30, 2004


The GOP Convention

W Needs To Pull It Together

I really think that the Democrats came out of their convention energized and unified in their pursuit of the White House. I'm not as convinced that the GOP is as unified as it should be right now. No, I don't have any scientific polls or hidden agendas, just that gut instinct that has served me well these last ten years in Washington. There are deep divisions across the country, but there are also deep divisions within the GOP that are troubling. Fiscal Conservatives have been ignored and mocked, small government republicans have been targeted for their opposition to a rash of divisive constitutional amendments, and even religious conservatives may be put off by the fact that Bush may not be doing enough for their needs.

I hope that the closeness of this election spurs Bush to search his heart and present a coherent plan for his second term, not the mishmash and drivel he gave us in the State of the Union Address this year, but solid proposals that reflect the GOPs traditional focus on smaller, more accountable government, fiscal restraint and deference to individuals. If not, then many of the swing voters will heed the call that "We Can Do Better."

(Or perhaps, in the case of Bush vs. Kerry, at least we can't do much worse.)

I see that our pres is using a new catch-phrase in his speeches this week- "Results Matter." I don't know, but that seems like a strange slogan for an administration that has very very few results.

Shouldn't most Americans be able to name several accomplishments of an administration as it nears the end of 4 years? Even the most die-hard conservatives I've talked to can really only name Afghanistan (which I do think is an accomplishment) and the tax cuts (which I think will not be considered as an accomplishment by most middle Americans).

I think it's a weakness for the Dub.
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