Thursday, July 29, 2004


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Democrat

Well, maybe not angry, but I couldn't resist evoking a great work by an early American and Vice Presidential namesake Jonathan Edwards.

Edwards did good, the underlying theme of the convention, again reiterated by JE, was "We will fight terrorism with strength and wisdom." Yes, now that we are in the third day, I think we all get it, and we also realize that John Kerry served in Vietnam. The underlying strength of the convention, is that the Democrats seem to be focused like never before with a coherent message. Strength at home and strength abroad. They've taken a page from GWB's playbook, highlight a short list of themes, then repeat ad nauseum. Since a great deal of Americans have already made up their minds on the candidates, its unclear if JFK will get a bounce in the polls, but as good a convention from the left as I've seen in sometime.

Jonathan Edwards speech can be found here:,2933,127391,00.html

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