Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Fox News, CNN Troll the Gutters

As a political nerd, I'm one of the few people who actually look forward to the democrat and republican nominating conventions every four years.  They're great political theatre and a great look at our political traditions.  So, when I settled into my couch last night to see what was transpiring up in Boston I was quite surprised to find that none of the major networks were covering the events.  NBC was airing the all important "For Love or Money", and CBS had the popular, but ultra-lame "CSI".  Curious, I thought as I clicked over to Foxnews only to be confronted with Jerry Springer cohosting the coverage.  "Egad!" I actually said out loud, quickly switching to CNN.  CNN was even worst.  Larry King (whose head grows ever larger) was cohosting with some guy named Mo Roca who looked vaguely familiar.  I realized who he was, his other tv appearance includes VH1's "I Love the 80s."

CNN and Fox's coverage was moronic and dull, leaving me desperately searching for CSPAN.  CSPAN's coverage was excellent.  No idiot talking heads, no C level celebrity commentators, just straight convention coverage with all the speakers.  The most important election in my lifetime and the networks carry crappy-assed shows and the news channels dumb it down so much as to cause viewers brain damage.  Thank you CSPAN for letting me watch the convention in uninterrupted peace.

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