Wednesday, July 21, 2004


That Vision Thing

Remember back a May when President Bush annouced that he was giving a series of speeches around the country to spell out his vision for Iraq and reassure the American people of our intent and eventual exit? I do, at the time I thought it was a much needed step and actually showed some leadership on the President's part in talking about an increasingly tough issue.

Bush did give one speech and it was somewhat lame. It was merely reiterating much of the rhetoric we heard in the run up to the war. But it was a good start. However, since then there has been nothing. This is a big missed opportunity for Bush to offer a salve to an increasingly confused and frustrated public that we actually have a plan for Iraq.

Bush's re-election prospects require that he take leadership and responsibility on the issues associated with Iraq. A good start would be to remind us of the mission and the progress we've made, but that sadly, appears to be beyond his leadership skills.

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