Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Be Afraid

We have nothing to fear, but...everything

What strikes me about the latest reported terror alert is how the govenrment is missing a great opportunity to engage the public in the war on terrorism. The latest alleged alert indicated that an attack can come between now and the inauguration. How nice. It totallly lends itself to the argument that we shouldn't change Captians during these troubled times. But there's a better way to handle these alerts. Rather than stirring the pot and let us all know that we should be afraid it'd be better if the administration engaged the public in the efforts.

I'd love to hear one of the fear mongers say something like, "We have data that indicates terrorists may be planning an attack in the next few months. We ask that the public be vigilant, alert and prepared, but not afraid. Working together we can identify and prevent such attacks." But no. We get oddly timed announcements that 'aren't based on any new data' other than the fact that these folks hate us, which we already know.


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