Monday, September 20, 2004


Tastes of the Far East, on the West Side

Sake Club, Indique worth the trip

Woodley Park's newest addition to restaurant row is a fine and fun mix of Asian flavors. Sake Club sits on Connecticut Avenue directly across from the Woodley Park Metro and is welcome addition to the clutch of cafes along this strech of Conn. Ave.

Sake Club specializes in Sushi, Japanese cuisine with a dash of Korean dishes thrown in. The service is impeccable, the atmosphere exoticm, yet comfortable and the food is delicious. My last foray to the Sake Club I ordered Bibimpop a Korean dish of pickled vegetables served on a bed of rice and a side order of roasted pork. Both were excellent.

Indique, up the street in Cleveland Park, finally delivers creative and delicious Indian food to DC. Located near the Cleveland Park Metro, Indique fills the tables on weekends with its superb offering of Indian (and Sri Lankan) dishes. Tried of gloppy vindaloo, Indique will cure what ails you with roasted chunks of lamb served in a spicy, yet delicate vindaloo sauce. There tandori lamb chops steal the show and unlike a lot of Asian or South Asian restaurants, Indique offers a wonderful selection of desserts.

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