Thursday, September 16, 2004


Wither Big Media?

Dan Rather Mucks It Up

Dan Rather is quoted today as saying that the media should still look into Bush's 'missing' year of guard service despite the fact that he now has doubts about the authenticity of the memos critical of Bush he exposed last week. Thanks Dan!

Of course it will be much harder now for any media outlet to put out a story on Bush's potential AWOL-ness during his guard service because of the hack job Rather and CBS did in handling the suspect memorandum. Rather's lapses have given the Republican machine ammo to further the myth of the liberal media elite and cast doubt on even the most accurately researched story.

Sadly, there still remains a question as to Bush's service record that now won't get answered as attention shifts to "Rathergate". As a national network newscast CBS has the obligation to research stories, especially ones that could classify as a 'journalist's wet dream'. Rather and CBS have let the public down and heads should role, including Rather's.

I'm not joining the chorus of Bush backers attacking Rather for being critical of Bush or part of a mcuh larger conspiracy, but I am attacking Rather for doing such a hack job and handing Bush a plateful of public sympathy.

I mean why do they pay you and your staff the big bucks if you can't even do your homework?
Time to change the frequency Kenneth.

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