Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Buried in Minutiae

When it Comes to the Kerry/Bush Vietnam Stories, the Details Don't Matter

In fact, Elephant thinks the stories don't matter at all. I mean, probably about 1/2 the country and just about every reader of this blog wasn't around when these things allegedly had to take place. Do we care about the now infamous 'th' superscripts? Do the authenticity or fakery of the memos answer the still unanswered questions about Bush's missing year of service? And as for Kerry, he went to Vietnam, perhaps in search of glory to use to further an aspiring political career. So what!

My father put it to me best, "Kerry went, Bush didn't." Even more insightful is that 30 years ago we lived in a different era, a time of cultural change and government irresponsibility (ok maybe not too different). Some of Kerry's harshest critics never served and took advantage of the many deferments available to get out of going to Vietnam. And whose to say that many of Bush's critics didn't do, or wouldn't have taken advantage of the situation like Bush? Elephant's just glad he wasn't anywhere close to having to deal with such questions and as a result cares more about the future of our country, than our past.

Casting Further Doubt

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