Monday, September 13, 2004


Jerry Springer Nation: to the N'th' Degree

But What About the Next Four Years?

Oh the drama! Does any rational voter really care about what Bush or Kerry did more than 30 years ago (before most of the readers of this blog were even born?). More Vietnam drama this week as the Bush 'memos' were released and the media, rather than do its own investigating argued back and forth between the Kerry camp talking points and the Bush talking points. There are so, so many other important issues both candidates need to address like:

Iraq - Why are we there again? What's our plan? How long and how much more $ and lives?

The Deficit - Bush's big government is bankrupting the Treasury and baby boomer retirement is looming.

The Economy - The tech boom is over, what's next? Will my job be going to India or China?

Social Security - 50 Million Baby Boomers, no plan.

Civil Rights - Gay Marriage, Abortion, privacy, Patriot Act . . . Shouldn't the government be out of our personal lives?

Trade - What ever happened to free trade?

From Elephant's perspective, so far, neither of the two major candidates have demonstrated the leadership or vision that would get me to vote for them. Hopefully, someone will rise above the split.

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