Monday, September 13, 2004


For the Bush Administration Iran is a four letter word

The Ayatollah Wants the Bomb.

What's the difference between Iraq and Iran....The "Q" stands for 'quagmire' and the "N" stands for nuclear. Seriously though, while we've now committed our forces to see Iraq to the end, one wonders why we are there in the first place? Yes, I know the administration keeps saying its the WMD issue, but it seems to me that if WMD really were the issue, shouldn't we be doing something about North Korea or Iran? I mean after all these two countries appear to be much father along on the nuclear curve than Iraq ever was. But alas, we really can't go after them can we as our armed forces are tied up in Iraq and it doesn't appear that we have the resources to back up our threats elsewhere in the world.

Mission Still Not Accomplished,9171,1101040920-695820,00.html?cnn=yes

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