Thursday, September 16, 2004



Bush abandons plans to provide vision on Iraq:

Back in May, President Bush announced that he was giving a series of 5 speeches to outline the reasons the U.S. was in Iraq and provide a vision for its future. Be gave one speech to a group of military officers before abandoning this endeavor. Meanwhile, despite rightfully committing $18 billion for Iraqi reconstruction, we've only spent about $1 billion due to the continued unrest and danger posed by the security situation for contractors. Meanwhile the leadership is quietly moving $3 Billion from the reconstruction fund to spend on security. Do we have a plan to deal with the situation in Iraq? Why isn't the media asking any tough questions? Why has Bush, whose supporters liken him to Churchill (yes, try not to choke on that one), not kept up the effort to boost the public moral on our mission as so many of our men and women are dying? A reasonable person may start to conclude that there is no vision, plan or purpose to this war.

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