Thursday, September 16, 2004


Everything is just going fine I tell you, fine!

Where's the leadership?

Have you noticed that anytime there's some controversy surrounding an issue or a member of the Bush administration that person disappears publicly and the issue is not discussed? We really haven't seen Donald Rumsfeld since the Iraqi prison scandal broke, Condi's been MIA since the controversy over her testifying before the 9/11 commission, and as discussed below, Bush broke is commitment to us to provide a road map on Iraq. Is the administration just hoping that the voters don't notice Iraq is not going the direction it needs to?

I've refrained from blogging on the situation on the ground in Iraq as the media seemed to be putting the situation under a magnifying glass from the get go. (Kind of like how the local news has reporters on the street complaining about the lack of plowed roads only 10 minutes into a massive snow storm). Bet now that we're more than a year out from 'Mission Accomplished,' things don't seem any better and in fact seem to be slowly unraveling.

Green Zone is ‘no longer totally secure’

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