Wednesday, September 29, 2004


If I Were A Terrorist: (Which I'm Not)

Putting on my Tinfoil Thinking Cap

Last night I was reflecting on the comments by Attorney General Ashcroft that a terror attack was likely between now the the inauguration. I think he's right. But while most pundits have been shouting "Madrid!", I think the terrorists could throw a wrench in our gears that would cause much more damage than a train bombing before the election.

Take the 2000 election for example. It was weeks of litigation before we knew who our next president would be. What if the terrorists had hit us hard during those weeks? Would there be a rush to install someone, anyone regardless of the cost to the integrity of the system? Maybe.

This years election, at least today, looks like it will be a photo finish ala 2000. The margins are small and litigation could follow (Bush and Kerry supposedly have attorneys ready to go in nearly ALL voting districts in the US). What if we're in another 2000 situatation. One candidate is leading by only 500 votes in Florida while the terms of the recount are being litigated. Then suddenly another massive terrorist attack. How long before the Bushites or Kerryians would begin to argue that because of the new crisis we need to just stay the course and scrap the recount. Would the looser cry "Coup!" And could we maintain national unity in such a situation.

The 2000 election highlighted the fragility of our democracy when the electoral results fall with in the margin of error of our voting systems. A similar result, coupled with a well timed terror attack, would be a great way for our enemies to cripple faith in our political institutions.

Just thinking....

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