Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Cell Phone or Metro, Which is More Annoying?

Women Arrested for Cell Phone Use

Elephant says good for the police officer. Of course I wasn't there and don't know whose telling the truth, but frankly aren't we all tried of oblivious cell phone talkers who pollute our commute? How many times on my short commute must I listen to someone halfway across the car loudly talking about a great deal they got on tub socks?

On the other hand there's Metro. DC's once proud subway system. Last night my 20 minute commute took more than an hour, with no announcement of why there was a delay. So maybe Ms. Cell phone talker was just calling home and swearing about the continued decline in service and increasing fares of DC's troubled subway.

Read the story and decide.


As annoying as cell phone use in inappropriate places is, do you really think arresting people is the way to go? Most people who aren't me, or you, can be very annoying, but arresting people for annoying behavior is ridiculous.

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